Who Can Deduct Interest on a Mortgage?
by Loella Haskew, CPA

My boyfriend and I simply sold a residence together, however considering my deposit was once now not terrific, we solely had him down as the owner. But I am listed as a joint tenant, and I pay most of the loan payments. Can I deduct the activity on the mortgage or does my boyfriend do that? I make extra cash than he does, so would I get a larger tax gain if I deduct the interest?

If you are listed as a joint tenant, then you are an owner. I’m positive the switch of possession was once achieved with a quitclaim deed after your boyfriend initially bought the property in his name. I count on that you and your boyfriend made equal parts of the down fee and are each paying at least a element of the mortgage, so there are minimal present tax issues.

Regarding deduction of the personal loan interest, we ought to first decide whether or not the activity you pay qualifies as loan interest. The personal loan have to be secured by means of the property. The property should be your predominant or 2nd residence. Finally, the loan need to be secured through a perfected lien. That capacity that the lender has to be recorded on the county’s books as having a lien on the property.

Further, to qualify to deduct any interest, the man or woman who can pay the activity have to be in my view accountable for the debt. The person, in addition, can solely deduct hobby that he or she has simply paid. By that, I suggest that if a father will pay the pastime on a daughter’s mortgage, the father has no private legal responsibility so he can also now not deduct the interest. The daughter did no longer pay the interest, so she might also now not deduct the activity either.

I accept as true with that you have that legal responsibility due to the fact you are a joint proprietor of the property and your possession of the property is issue to the mortgage. You, therefore, must be in a position to deduct the loan activity that you pay. You would deduct solely the quantity you virtually pay. Likewise, your boyfriend must deduct that phase of the pastime he pays.

Since you have greater profits than your boyfriend does, you in all likelihood would get a increased tax saving than he would. The end result would possibly be negligible if you have been in the identical marginal tax bracket or there had been some different elements in your private return that would have an effect on the comparison. The solely actual way to inform is to do each returns and evaluate the outcome.

One trouble is that your boyfriend, who I anticipate is the solely man or woman on the mortgage, will get the 1098 from the personal loan company. The IRS will assume the hobby to be deducted on his return and will query you if you deduct the pastime you paid on your return. To avoid this situation, your boyfriend have to consist of data in his tax return that you have paid section of the loan and that you will be taking the deduction.

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